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Fita Gravação 12mm Branco/Transparente Ampliar

Fita Gravação 12mm Branco/Transparente



Compatível com Dymo S0720600 D1 45020 12mmx7m. Texto branco, fundo transparente.

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Files & Binders Assets & Barcoding Supplies Storage Home Organisation Heat/Cold Resistant UV Resistant Water Resistant
“Easy Peel” for trouble-free application
Thermal transfer printing technology – no ink or toner required
Available in 12 colors and 5 widths
Remove labels without leaving adhesive residue
Adheres to most clean, flat surfaces including plastic, paper, metal, wood and glass
  • Dymo LabelPoint350
  • Dymo LabelManager100
  • Dymo LabelManager100PLUS
  • Dymo LabelManager120P
  • Dymo LabelManager150
  • Dymo LabelManager160
  • Dymo LabelManager200
  • Dymo LabelManager210D
  • Dymo LabelManager220P
  • Dymo LabelManager260P
  • Dymo LabelManager280
  • Dymo LabelManager300
  • Dymo LabelManager350
  • Dymo LabelManager350D
  • Dymo LabelManager360D
  • Dymo LabelManager400
  • Dymo LabelManager420P
  • Dymo LabelManager450
  • Dymo LabelManager450D
  • Dymo LabelWriter450Duo
  • Dymo LabelManager500TS
  • Dymo LabelManager PnP
  • Dymo LabelManager Wireless PnP
  • Dymo LabelManager PC
  • Dymo LabelManager PC2
  • Dymo LabelPoint100
  • Dymo LabelPoint150
  • Dymo LabelPoint200
  • Dymo LabelPoint250
  • Dymo LabelPoint300